HoloLens Hack-a-thon Day 2 act 3 ~ Announcement of judging results ~

Well, this time I will write about the results of the examination result announcement based on the results presentation!


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Day 1 

Day 2 ~Until the development ended~


Day 2 ~Result Presentation~



Before the review presentation · · ·

While the judges are considering it,
Start social gathering and demonstration experience with everyone!


While pizza and sushi go out,



Each team looked back on this Hackasson. 


Judges themselves trying out the demonstration machine during the examination consideration ...

I spent a lot of time waiting for the judging result to come out.


Confirmation of examination criteria

Before entering the announcement of the results of the examination, review the examination criteria once again.


"Interesting, Createve, and HoloLens unique"


Although it is only this examination standard,
I wonder why there was a certain penalty game factor ....

Judges added in jump!

Mr. Takahashi, Mr. Jona, Mr. Oda at the beginning of Hackson
Though three appointees were scheduled for review,
Mr. Hashiguchi CEO of Eiwa Co., Ltd. and Mr. Ueda Microsoft jump in and join as judges!

It is interesting to see how this will affect the results of the exam!

And the judgment resulted like this!

"Dan-Gla" Award


What is "Dan-Gla"?

↓Official Page is here

In coined words combining cardboard*1 and sunglasses,
Combining translucent and mirror-like acrylic boards in the assembled cardboard,
By inserting the smartphone that installed the dedicated application after that,
It is a handy HoloLens which creates the situation of MR and VR.

Purchase is possible from here.




"Dan-Gla" Award on this team!

And, the team chosen as the "Dan-gla" prize!



The "A Naked GO!" Team who announced the Holo-thon Club!

Mr. Hashiguchi says,
"Thank you for staying up all night,
I want you to complete this application and make it an application of Dan-Gla! "
And aspiration too!


And although it was not unusual for individuals to have gathered that funny voice of the female staff for that much so that it was not used in this announcement,
I would like to try to experience the sound, when the application is expanded by all means.


It's a nice face.

Finally Mr. Hashiguchi said that everyone has a punishment game ...
"I will distribute to all teams, so please aim for all team releases."

That's why, Dan-Gla was distribution to all participants!
It became a thankful punishment game (?) Against the device uninitives


Later talks
Oh, by the way yucky also got me "Dan-Gla"
When I thought about actually assembling and playing,
but my device was found not to be able to play, because it is a non-compass model. .X(
Do not use a gyroscope as a response when I turn around.
I will touch it again when I replaced device again · ·


No way!! "start-up cafe" award won two teams! 


Two teams were chosen for the "start-up cafe" award
(hereinafter referred to as the Stacafe Award)!


"Presentation support" and "HoloCook"!



First of all evaluation from "presentation support"

"Even at Staccafe, we are going through various events and we actually use slides to stand,
I'd like to see a presentation using this by all means "


And for HoloCook


"I personally wanted to try using the cuisine application, I understood the direction of the product and I thought whatever anyone was able to understand what HoloLens is like"

That was the reason for the selection of the Stacafe Award

As for the prize it seems to be taken up as an event at a later date
I am also looking forward to this team gathering


Unity Award is this teamhttps://cdn-ak.f.st-hatena.com/images/fotolife/l/livace/20180213/20180213114512.png

The Unity awards were rough even in the previous reputation (in a good sense)
"HoloLens (girl friend) of mine can not be cute" (so long as "Holo girl") decided!



"It was nice to develop without sleeping ..."


As reasons for selection,
"This is very good, I think if I ran in front of my eyes,
Where there is no healing where there is a turning around will make us expect the future feeling there. "
"There are a lot of basic technics, but it is one of the reasons to use it well in a good way"

It seems that Unity-chan 's special parka will be sent for prizes.


What!? added another team!?

But sudden announcement from Mr. Jona. .

"Since only good products came out, it was not quite possible to decide one,
Specialical Jona Prize was established! "

That is why the Osaka Drive Development Alone No.1 (MiyaMiya Combi) was chosen as Jona award!



"I never thought that he would be selected as a prize LoL"


For evaluation,
"I got a highly addictive (rather a drug) app that I think I have to start from where I can find my leisure time, so I want to buy it now and return home."


Also for special prizes, specialty hoodies will be sent.


As a result of the turbulence Microsoft award!

No way "presentation support" won double!


As a reason
"It's a unique way to make Holo, and it seemed like it was extensible.
Because I think I told everything I wanted to do while experiencing,
I want them to practice it. "
That was it!


As a prize HoloLens T-shirt and not-for-sale mug*2!


But, as I thought the team here was nice too



Since Ice dance is also taken into the event in the Olympic Games,
I want to expect in the future.

The reason for the selection

"Because the viewing angle is narrow, there is no distance, and we are using characters further,
To be honest I thought it was dangerous at the first stage,
Since the prospects were betrayed in a good sense, such as progress, implementation, completeness,
I thought that I wanted to see it from the outside by sharing it completed by all means. "

By saying that,
T - shirts and mugs were also awarded for prizes!





The reason for the selection

"I thought it was very interesting as an application for business,
I just wanted to make it seriously and I wanted to wish for a release. "


For goods, luxury small items will be sent at a later date.
I am really wondering what it will be..


Finally, take a memorial photo with everyone!

Now that each team's presentation and results came out, take a commemorative photo with all the participants!




Posing with Bloom and Air Tap after HoloLens


To everyone's hard work over the two days!
We expect MR to be even more exciting in the Kansai area as well!! 


Regarding the contents of the event of the Stacafe awards
I would like to post an article at a later date!


Then it is this far!


see you next time bye!

*1:Japanese say "Dan-ball"

*2:Those is don't sell to headquarters or store