HoloLensハッカソン Day2 act2~Achievement presentation was amazing~

Well this time I will write about HoloLens Hackasson's achievement announcement


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By the way, there are plenty of images on this occasion.
Please read on the good communication environment!!



At last the working time is over!


Over 2 hours total work time exceeding 18 hours total finished.

Thank you for your participation, including support team!

Staff to prepare for shooting towards achievement presentation sessions,
Developers who can feel the feeling of finishing the work after finishing work.


And as soon as it was over, it immediately shifted to the achievement presentation.

The first announcement comes from "Danger Zone"

Compared to other teams relatively "older" age group is higher
Together with the name of the team I went to the theme song of the movieTop・Gun"Danger Zone".

Danger Zone

Danger Zone

  • provided courtesy of iTunes


By the way Tom Cruise is a very cool movie.


This insert image is indeed a "POP TEAM EPIC"guy ...
Certainly the motifs are similar


The origin of the name of the team called Danger Zone is precisely because you can display dangerous points over Holo and register dangerous goods.


Implementing a mechanism that when you place a mark on the necessary part in AirTap,
you hear the alert sound informing the place in three dimensions.


↑ Demonstration of putting emergency mark

Thanks to this, even if you are a blind,
people will be able to understand the directionality of the sound with stereophonic sounds,
and there are also aims to reduce inadvertently getting close to dangerous spots.

If you like Unity-chan, are you crazy? "Ice dance"

What is ice dance in the first place?It seems like I can hear the question
For details, refer to the link destination (International Skating Union).

It is a student who is studying protein or the like even though it seems like this
(personal story)

I also like Unity-chan and I also like ice dancing
Better thing I thought it was interesting to try both.


↑ I actually dance in a live demonstration
If you lower your line of sight properly Unity will gaze at you gently

Close ...! It's too close! !
What is it like to look like this through Holo!

Moreover, Mr. Kawashima of the developer
I am interested in not only Holo but also Unity, but it seems that there was no deep knowledge so far but still surprised that I could implement this far!

My girl is in HoloLens! And it can not be cute! !

Mr. Ikeuchi who was making something in which various dangerous air drifts


This person is also one who loves Unity-chan and was developed with the ambition to be healed by Unity-chan with the power of Holo

https://cdn-ak.f.st-hatena.com/images/fotolife/l/livace/20180208/20180208131120.jpgI was sorry that I could not afford the time and I was unable to implement the secretarial function

Always stay in front of me as a close-up action
In addition, if you go over the back you can look back properly.
Psychological security can be obtained with this! (Maybe)

The UI is also made relatively simple

A slightly tender expression looks nice in a good sense lol


I will not fail in presentation with this already!

Next, the team of "presentation support"


"Although it is good to have created a slide at the time of presentation or pitch, but always in a stuck condition on the PC, you do not get what you want to say well?
I focused on that and developed it. "

https://cdn-ak.f.st-hatena.com/images/fotolife/l/livace/20180208/20180208132545.jpgI will try it soon!
(Pinch the space and swipe to the right to show off)

"Ooooo! The slide worked properly! While one voice rises
"No, you are behind the scenes ..." And some of the voices pointing out behind the scenes. .

https://cdn-ak.f.st-hatena.com/images/fotolife/l/livace/20180208/20180208132910.jpg"Well, since the function of sharing could not be implemented, as for motion, it can not be linked with the monitor properly this time.
So I was being operated in the back. "
"But since time is displayed on Holo,
I know I can talk for 1 minute 3 seconds! "

When I showed the confidence that I can use the time of 5 minutes this time exactly,
I showed it by demonstration movie what kind of feeling it is displayed.



In the semitransparent state, the slide is displayed on the front,
By moving the line of sight, I was able to see my notes and to clearly see the expression of the audience.

If you can do it in the future, I would like to make use of FaceAPI to digitize emotions and make a presentation more strategically.
And future prospects as well.

Still using a tablet? When you see the recipe MR is good!


It consists of nine people who are the most in this team!
And the only team with female team


I'm incorporating a novel technique of drawing manga during Hackathon and presenting at revoicing!


Transition is also simplified and it seems easy to understand!

When you adjust the number of people when displaying the material list,
I think that it seems that it will be more happy if it can visualize the quantity of material accompanying it.


"Let's take a video to see where to cut potatoes as a practice"


This is


It will be like this!


The reason for doing this is that you can not move around much in the kitchen
By rotating the stereoscopic image by 360 degrees,
I tried to understand at what angle what kind of angle should be cut. And commentary.

"And since we are using speech recognition, motion is stopped if we say stop."


'STOP! (Google voice)'

"... Stop!"

Still motion that keeps moving without heart.

"Stop! STOP !! Stop it ..."
*By the way it can be stopped using AirTap

Coming full and appearing full bloom! The team name can not speak louder

And the sixth team is "a naked go!" Team name that seems to be quite habit.


Ooops! Characters are assimilated spectacularly with the background...


Three out of five students are young for their age proportion.
And it was also interesting that this team was doing a material quest of Gachi
See previous article


In addition, this team was the only application name appointed!
 Takahashi-san was also evaluating about this point

"It is to attach an application name as one of the important factors in development"
by Shinobu Takahashi

And the application name


"Holo-thon club"
In the coined word that multiplied HoloLens and marathon,
The concept of an application on the assumption that running with Holo installed.

By the way, the meaning of "naked"
Supporting running like a stress-free form like when it was naked.
Never run naked at all · · ·.


As a UI it seems like an application name just like a practice scene of club activities


First of all, submit entry form. (By the way, it seems that you have selected one with female members)

Then a senior (?) Appears in front of you, and it plays the role of pacemaker.
The number displayed on the left is the distance, the right side is the speedometer,
In order to be able to stop the pacemaker by choosing which state of the actual signal by the signal mark of the upper left itself.
※ Although I could not include it this time, I also want to detect the color of the signal and want to make it unnecessary for the user to select it

The supporter to the developer of a certain! What? But what you can do is ridiculous!


Mr.Miyaura only (Midstream, High-School student also participates) who was developing a technical supporter but why
Presentation of Osaka Drive Development alone


What? Space of healing with killing time!?

Miyaura himself's ↑ "Space Warp" keeps watching forever,
being able to kill time and healed somewhat,
I thought that I wanted to make something similar,
using the gravity to satellite A game application that puts on orbit.

It is no way to make a game with a cabinet of 330,000 yen.
It might not have come up with as an ordinary idea.


"The direction of actually seeing than the explanation is earlier, so I will have you see a demo."
So, I will paste a video

The Ultimate Killing Time with Unity Swing-by

However, as you can see in the video, why not ride properly?
This will no longer be the space of space engineering, unless you calculate precisely such as gravity calculation, velocity, approach angle, etc.,
Because I do not take proper orbits properly, it is almost impossible to express it with human fingers so lol

But it was quite addictive and it was a good feeling from the judges that "It is possible to kill time with this all day even if we release MR development!"

All team's presentation is over! And to review.

The achievement presentation by all seven teams is over and it's time for review
Every team was amazing, so I am looking forward to the results!


So it's getting quite long
The result is next time!