HoloLens Hack-a-thon Day2 act.1 ~Driving to implementation~

Hi yucky!

This time,  I have summarized the patterns of HoloLens Hackathon Day 2!


↓From the first day on from here.




Momentum that brought in the amount of heat from the previous day

On the second day the venue was offered at AM 8:30.

To be honest, as a voice of the management team's heart
"It's kind of like a morning as well, so it's too early and it will start around 9: 00 ?"
There were people who were saying so

Personally, however, some numbers try to work on time.
Because I decided on the previous day that stalwarts were in,
I tried to enter the venue on time


About ten people have already stood in front of the closed door.


It was finally open around 10 minutes after the scheduled time.
(opened 8:38)


↑There were some teams working until late at late night of the previous day...


Probably, some developers who came without sleeping are going inside.

While doing so, other participants gradually got together, All teams are starting to work uneasily.


Those that scrape engineers' MPs without survival

Although it was displayed on the screen even on the first day that will finally be displayed from the morning.

↑Sorry for only images from a distance


The countdown to the achievement presentation was projected, and the time to keep decreasing every moment without looking at the clock We will eliminate engineers' MP (mental power) without mercy.


In the meantime, the fiercest who seriously challenges the collection quest!


I can see something like a microphone.
It looks like it does not look like coding...?


When I was watching the situation for a while,
he brought the equipment to the entrance direction unexpectedly.


What is going to start from now on?
I also think that I will bring in the female staff.


wa..wait!! Despite the fact that there are a lot of human beings day after day, such obscure things!?


"Good tired! " "· · · I like you! "


hey! hey!! hey!!!
Let you say things while grining!


Try to listen to the circumstances
"To make an application that includes girl’s membership settings
I really needed real material, so I made a mistake on this crime..."


Oh.. during hackathon it'sa crime..

But, as I personally had a slight grin Let's overlook this time!Haha


Items exclusively for supplies received!!(Monster Hanter taste)

As it was lunch time, food came here

↑Unity soba noodles
Provided by technical support staff Mr. Yamaji





"Wow!!.. it's so GREAAAAAT!!"
It looks like tears are delicious(It's not that maybe lol


and sweets


Also offered mini cream puffs and rice cookies gifts from Iwamoto, a technical support staff


Cream creepy sweetness should be healed by many people.


Even a peaceful sight

Development has also come on the frenzy,
and as soon as there are many engineers
who are troubled by errors occurring around here,
in a corner of the room ...



Despite being a coordinator, Mr. Oda
who is also working as an artist says
that he creates a garden on VR.
What a peaceful time was flowing.


While MP consumption is intense, an emergency quest will be issued


Mr. Takahashi will issue an order when work hours have passed 3 hours.


"Hey everyone, I think that we are progressing development,
but this time it is an MR application
I asked you to make some form.
So, since I want to see where everything works properly,
Please create a demo video with each team. "


"While there is a live demonstration during the presentation,
Since I do not know what will happen with errors,
For backing up, make it regardless of whether you are using it or not"

"Even though I have to implement it and create documents
I do not feel like watching movies even more..."


summarizing the conditions by saying that it is like this.

  • 5 minutes for each team's possession
  • Shoot demo movies and use them for presentation
  • * Be sure to prepare as backup for use even when demonstrating live
  • Considering the balance between the content of the demo and the talk, set it so that it fits within the time

 So I wonder if developers can do this emergency quest successfully!?


Next time, wait for achievement announcement and review!


Extra of today

When Mr.Takahashi showed me the PC


No way, Unity-chan shell..!


The thigh riding on over knee socks has also been faithfully reproduced!! lol
Moreover, it was a machine owned by the company,
so I was further surprised. .
(Confirm that the barcode properly affixed was affixed properly at the bottom of the machine)